"Sara and Hilary bring unparalleled precision, thoughtfulness and nourishment to their practice. Each, respectively, do whatever they can to make sure you feel safe and supported, demonstrating commitment to checking in about consent and preferences. Not only do they provide the experience of feeling held, but they make sure their patients know whats happening --and therefore in charge of their own healing process. Could not recommend more!!!" - Olive B

"A year ago, I boarded a flight for work and experienced the worst pain in my life shooting across the right side of my face. I went to the ER, saw multiple neurologists and other doctors to try and address the problem, but nothing helped. I had to scale back my work and was planning to go on temporary leave. Sara started giving me acupuncture, and applied patience, study, thoughtfulness, and deep care. The first time she treated me, I realized I'd stopped feeling pain for the first time in weeks. With multiple treatments, my condition fully healed and I haven't experienced any symptoms since. I am grateful for Sara's practice - her treatments have made it possible for me to get back to my life and return to work full time." -Elaina M

“Sara Mizner is excellent at what she does! She is incredibly genuine with her work, is exceptionally well informed, and is always looking to find the next new angle to treat whatever condition you may have. Her approach runs the gamut of possibilities. I started seeing Sara for some older scar tissue that I wanted to assist in healing. We alternate between 4 or so different techniques which have all shown to work excellently. I recently strained my foot, and her acupuncture techniques have worked tremendously to reduce the inflammation. I recommend Sara to everyone I know that suffers from almost any condition. Her work is absolutely phenomenal, from the work she does to better your way of life, to the more targeted treatments for various ailments you may be focused on.” - Joey W.

“I can't say enough wonderful things about Sara! I've been seeing her regularly for the past several months and she has helped me heal from a variety of issues related to stress and fatigue. Sara has a very attentive bedside manner and gentle touch with needles. She is gifted acupuncturist I'd recommend to anyone experiencing stress or illness.” - Kenny E.

“I originally came to Sara for pain caused by a pinched nerve in my neck. I went in barely able to move and left that first day with increased mobility, manageable pain, and a holistic treatment plan that has had long term success. I saw her weekly over the course of a few months. My neck pain subsided and she also helped improve my sleep and my mental health. Most of all, I felt held and cared for as a whole person in her practice. She truly loves what she does and the results are obvious. The next time I had a pain flare in my neck, it was much more mild and I was able to use methods to care for myself that she had shown me. I still see her on an as-needed basis and always trust in her abilities as a facilitator in healing. It’s such a comfort to know I have her looking out for my health. Sara is a compassionate listener and is brilliant at putting all the pieces together to make me feel empowered about my wellbeing.” - Christine M.

"I am 53 years young, but deep in menopause! Sara reduced my hot flashes and insomnia. She is tremendously compassionate, caring and attentive." -Kim R

"Before going to Sara I had never received acupuncture and had never used Chinese medicine. I honestly didn't believe it could work, I didn't understand it, and I was afraid of the needles. I went to Sara after a referral and was shocked at how powerful Chinese medicine can be. I had Sara treat me for stress. Sara put needles in a few points and within seconds my whole body felt like it was vibrating and I relaxed in a way that I hadn't in years. It was unmistakable, powerful, and a fantastic feeling. I felt great for days afterwards.  Over the past 3 years, if there is anything going on with my body, from women's health issues to weight loss to a cold, Sara is the first person I contact and the results have been positive every time. She is  incredibly professional, competent, and kind. She has a way of making you feel immediately comfortable and she takes a lot of time to really listen to your experience and works with you to find a remedy that will work for you." - Suzanne M.