Pacifica Patients

Heaven & Earth Integrative Medicine offers treatment plans for patients at Pacifica Family Maternity Center to compliment PFMC's superb prenatal and postpartum care. Treatments are offered at Pacifica on 1st and 3rd Tuesdays, or at Heaven & Earth's office, located in the Wellness Center of Yoga Kula, all other times during the week. 

Treatment Plans

Complete Care

This treatment plan mirrors your appointment schedule at Pacifica Family Maternity Center, and provides comprehensive Chinese Medical care for your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum period. 


  • Bi-monthly visits beginning at week 15 of gestation
  • Weekly visits beginning at week 36 of gestation 
  • Two postpartum home visits 

Cost $1,165 - $1,760*

Supplemental Care Treatment Plan

This treatment plan provides supplemental care and support during your pregnancy, ramping up in the last few weeks to prepare the body for labor, delivery and postpartum periods with one postpartum home visit. 


  • Monthly visits beginning at week 20 of gestation
  • Weekly visits beginning at week 36 of gestation
  • One postpartum home visit

Cost $465 - $1,060*

Postpartum-Focused Treatment Plan

This treatment plan focuses on the essential postpartum recovery period, and includes one prenatal visit to cocreate a recovery strategy. 


  • One visit at week 36
  • Two postpartum home visits and two postpartum visits in office 

Cost $485*

Labor Preparation Treatment Plan

The basics! This plan is intended to help the body prepare for labor by building strength and relieving tension. 


  • Weekly (or more!) visits beginning at 34 weeks of gestation

Cost $85/treatment for as many weeks as necessary

*Costs are ranges based on the following price scale, which is unique to PFMC patients: 

  • Initial Treatment: $105
  • Follow Up Treatment: $85

On Call Labor Support

Heaven & Earth's practitioners also provide 24 hour on call labor support for our expecting patients. We travel to Pacifica, provide a check in, observation and assessment, and personalized treatment which may include acupuncture, ear seeds, cupping, massage and/ or herbal supplementation depending on individualized needs.

If you would like to add On Call Labor Support to your Treatment Plan, you may do so for the discounted rate of $200.